Special Projects

  • Yoga

    Conscious breathing reduces stress and tension, attunes attention and contributes to more restful sleep. Yoga is a breathing practice with movement. There is no expertise or master level experience required to take your place on the mat and to begin to breathe differently. Breathing to our full capacity provides more clarity in our life goals, more intention in our relationships and greater freedom in our mindset. Join me for a practice!

    Looking for a way to mobilize mindfulness, Julia Harkleroad and partner Wendy Zoog constructed KALOS EXPERIENCE: a heart centered sweaty experience combining potent and repetitive functional movements, meditation and stretch. KALOS translates from Greek to mean "good that inspires". It is a way of acknowledging well being and validating integrity and strength in another human being.
  • Trust Fund Book Club

    Trust Fund is a film written and produced by Sandra Martin. The film tells the story of a young woman driven to impulsive and self-centered decisions by lingering grief from childhood trauma. The film touches on topics of loyalty, forgiveness, acceptance, perseverance and necessity of family and relationships. Sandra Martin wrote a book for young adults, Love was Near to accompany the film. Julia Harkleroad leads a series of conversations, caught on camera, with five young women who both watched the film and read the book. Together they discuss topics many parents are scared to have with their children as well as open dialogue about some of the hardest habits to break for young adults today - being jealous of other people's lives, being self-critical, lying to self and others, chasing after people who are not available or not interested in us.