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  • Mindfulness in Daily Life

    Mindfulness can be practiced every moment of our day-while you brush your teeth, while you walk from the parking garage to work, when you eat your breakfast or whenever your cell phone rings.  It's about being present.  Making intentional choices.  Responding vs. Reacting (I like the former much better).  We don't even have to be calm to have mindful awareness.  We are capable of being mindful in the midst of our hectic lives.  We must choose to slow down and notice.  What's happening right now?  Right here?


    Pick one activity and see if you can do it mindfully this week.  Pay attention to what you are experiencing.  Pay attention to your self-dialogue.  We can momentarily disengage from our activities by taking a long, conscious breath, gathering our attention and then asking ourselves some of the following questions:


    What am I sensing in my body right now?

    What am I feeling emotionally?

    What am I thinking?


    And most importantly, remember that thoughts and feelings are just THAT.  They are not us in our entirety. They are not our sum being.  They pass like all things in life and we are on to another thought and feeling.  Take back your power.  SLOW DOWN