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  • Hating Ourselves Thin

    Shame and disgust is where many of us begin our weight loss journey. But self-deprecating, shame driven exercise isn’t a sustainable solution.  The kind of mindset that tells us we deserve to be punished for eating that brownie sundae or those four beers with dinner last night prepares us to have a toxic relationship with the gym, and believe it or not, it maintains that ring of belly fat around our abdomens. 

    When we remain hyper vigilant so too do our cortisol levels.  Cortisol is directly related to our adrenals.  When we feel stressed, (yes when you say crappy, toxic things to yourself and deny yourself love and compassion you are stressing your mind and body!) our body has to create “fuel” in anticipation of fighting, fleeing, or freezing.  When this happens, our brain sends epinephrine and cortisol through the bloodstream converting glycogen and fatty acids into glucose, cortisol converts protein into glycogen and begins the process of storing fat. Cortisol ensures that a surplus of fuel (glucose) is available to us. Your fat never gets a chance to be converted into muscle.  So what is the alternative? Practice 80/20 every day and in every way.  Imperfection is normal.  Self-compassion is more motivating than self-deprication.