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  • Building a Bigger Brain

    Aerobic exercise and complex motor activity have different beneficial effects on the brain.  It’s important to do both regularly.  The more complex the movements, the more complex the synaptic connections in the brain.  These connections are critical for building cognitive flexibility; literally they expand your mind.  This expansion allows more space for us to make conscious, intentional, value-driven decisions about what we eat, how we talk to ourselves and so on.  Any motor skill more complicated than walking has to be learned, and therefore it challenges the brain.  We like challenges.  Without them, there are no outlets for all of our energy and it consequently builds up around our midsection.  Our bodies were meant to be “stressed” and by doing so we increase the stress threshold of our minds.  This means we can withstand more of the difficult emotions without having to do something about them (like eating a donut) to get them to go away.  Free yourself up to think beyond the momentary craving and look to the future with the help of regular, complex activity.